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FastTalker’s FORECLOSURE AUCTIONEER CERTIFICATION program helps individuals start their auctioneering career and take their skill set to the next level of foreclosure real estate auctions

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Achieve instant auctioneer credibility with FastTalker Certification. Show the industry that you know how it works and have the certification to prove it.

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FastTalker is founded by an awarding winning auctioneer with over 30 years of experience and the industry’s top selling real estate auctioneer.

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See what people who earned their certificate had to say


Peter Barker

Auctioneer & Manager

“I’ve learned a lot about the Foreclosure process and how to conduct a Trustee auction through the Fasttalker program. I didn’t know much about this type of auctioneering nor did I have any idea how many auctions take place on the court stairs on any given business day.”


Manuel Ortega


“Fasttalker provides a program that is innovative and unique in the industry. They provided the pathway to get me going in the business.”


John Beckman

Trustee Auctioneer

“ Fasttalker has been a great mentor for me in the Foreclosure auction business. Fasttalker educated me on the compliance required and taught me how to become an effective auctioneer at the court stair level. No one does it better! ”


Elsie Kim

Auctioneer/ Manager

“ I graduated from a typical auction school to learn how to be an auctioneer before I discovered Fasttalker’s Auctioneer and Auction Manager program. Fasttalker combines a certification that not only teaches you how to be a clear sounding auctioneer but really focuses on techniques required to be successful in the foreclosure industry. I don’t know of any other course that does that.”


Anthony Miller

Foreclosure Auctioneer

“I never fathomed I would become an auctioneer. I always believed that you were born with this kind of talent. Turns out I was wrong the entire time. Fasttalker’s Foreclosure Auctioneer Certification program made me realize that I have what it takes to not only become an auctioneer but quickly become a specialist in an thriving industry.”

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Meet The FastTalker Team

Our team has decades of experience in the auction and foreclosure real estate business


Mark Buleziuk


Shelley Buleziuk


Brian Burke

Director of Training and Development

Chloe Shaw

Auction Coordinator